How I do slip painting

Define areas that will be different colors by pressing string into wet clay.Paint on 3-4 very thin coats of colored slip with a very soft brush. Slip should be the consistency of milk. Let slip dry well between coats. A heat gun or hair dryer can speed up the process. I usually have at least two items in progress.

After slip is dry, but clay is still soft (1-2 weeks wrapped in plastic, 3-4 days unwrapped), scratch basic lines of the design. Then leave to dry before putting into bisque firing. Edges can be smoothed at this stage.

After bisque firing, underglazes can be painted on to further refine the design. Last, paint on (don't dip) a thin coat of clear glaze. I like to dilute the glaze by about 4 parts to 1 part water. Light reduction firing can help ensure that the clear glaze stays clear and doesn't go cloudy or grey.

Finished product :-)  some colors burn out though

page last updated 2 March 2016