My name is Rosanne Morgan,
    known to my friends as Rose.
        In some circles, I am called Rowan; in others I am Róisín.
Once upon a time my name was Rosanne Milligan, known to close friends as Anne.
    Later I became Anne Lawrence and had two beautiful daughters.
        Much later still I became Anne Rudolph and had a beautiful son.

In 2006 I stopped using the name Rudolph, because another woman wanted it.
    I wouldn't use Lawrence again, for the same reason.
        Milligan was so long ago, it didn't seem like me either.

My maternal grandmother's maiden name was Morgan.
    It is a name that has always resonated with me and feels so comfortable.
        Gram had a lovely and talented aunt named Rose, who died young and childless.

As part of my personal reinvention (some may call it mid-life crisis but I don't),
     I became Rose Morgan.

Career-wise, once I was a Medical Librarian called Anne Lawrence,
    then a Computer Network Specialist called Anne Rudolph.
       then a Veterinary Nurse named Rose Morgan.

Now I am retired from those careers and am
     a quilter,
         a potter, and
            a weaver,

And I'm much too busy to bother with what anyone calls me.