Carol Milligan Dann related the story that "Grampa Bowne" [Newton Sidney Bowne 1841-1927] was a blacksmith and had a General Store in West Monroe, NY. An itinerant artist one day drew portraits including several of his arms. One of the drawings later became the logo for the first Arm & Hammer products box.

Carol [1936-2010] was the daughter of Harold James Milligan [1896-1958]; he was the brother of Raymond Joseph Milligan [1892-1955] who was Papa’s (John Raymond Milligan) father.

Newton Sidney Bowne was the father of Ellen Bowne [1868-1905]. Ellen was Grampa Ray’s mother. She died young, leaving three children (my records say she had 4 children but I think one (Mary) died before 1905 because only 3 are listed in the newspaper obituary) and her husband, Stephen Joseph Milligan [1866-1934] married again and had three more children with his second wife.

From the Syracuse newspaper -- "The death of Mrs. Ellen Milligan occurred on Monday at St. Joseph's hospital. She lived at 172 Webster Ave., and was badly burned there on Wednesday last. She was holding a lamp while her husband was erecting some shelves, and she backed against a stove and her dress caught fire. She was the wife of Stephen Milligan, and was 37 years old. She leaves her husband and three children, Miss Nellie Milligan and Raymond and Harold Milligan and her father Newton S. Bowne of Hastings. She was also a niece of the Rev. Michael Clune. The remains are at the undertaking rooms of A.J. McGuire."